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Sometimes a motivational chat is all we need.  Engaging and entertaining, key notes are provided to those that get pumped up by words alone.

International leadership and motivational speaker, Holly O’Donnell delivers thought provoking, entertaining, and candid discussions on client engagement, leadership and communication.

A dynamic professional with a proven background in hospitality training,  proficient in client engagement, Holly challenges thought processes and influences easy and implementable solutions for better leadership, employee satisfaction and customer service.  She simplifies the psychological approach of communication and interpersonal skills, helping clients gain perspective into how we hold ourselves back when we communicate. Her success comes by helping individuals shift viewpoints to genuinely see from the other person’s perspective.

Holly has served as keynote speaker and influenced multiple day workshops, webinars, delivered audio trainings, and onsite interactive professional development programs.  Her topics include: Impacts of Social Styling and Personalities when Communicating, Excelling at Managing, Excellence in Customer Service, Creating Guests for Life, Managing Emotions in the Workplace, Leading a Development Discussion, and Train the Trainer programs.

Listen.  Absorb.  Implement.



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